Tuesday, 11 March 2014

"I don't want to have a pet dragon, but...."

So started the review by a reader of 'Princess Petunia Dragon'. 

The reviewer continues,   "... I agree that dragons are cute.  Especially, Petunia's dragon Freddy is pretty and clever. It was really fantastic and interesting.  I don't like her mother but I like Petunia because she thinks everything so simply."

Now this was written by a Japanese girl, Hanane SUZUKI, who has been learning English for only two years with her teacher, my friend Ikue.  Wow! I'm impressed not only by her written English, but also by the simple and clear way she expresses herself.  

Hanane wrote a summary as well:

"Princess Petunia wanted to have a pet dragon.  She read a weekly magazine about dragon.  One morning she tried to buy a dragon with her three pieces of silver but she knew that she needs thirty pieces of silver.  She'd never waste her moment.  She began working to earn to buy a dragon."

Thank you, Hanane, for letting me see your work, and thank you, Ikue, for sending it to me.  I hope that we can meet up one day.  In the meantime, I'm sending you a real, handwritten letter.  I hope you continue to enjoy reading books in English.  And maybe one day you'll have a clever, friendly, cute pet a little bit like Freddy!