Monday, 21 October 2013

Hats off!

I'm excited! I'm happy! I jump up an down with joy!  All because of a little icon.

For months now I've been jotting things down on my phone, under NOTES. All the obvious stuff - shops or temples I've stumbled across, new bus routes, recipes shared at the wet market. And ideas for stories.  Whenever I'm without a notepad, a paper napkin or an envelope, that's where I jot!

So why haven't I noticed the little brown arrow at the bottom of the screen? Why should I? I'm concentrating on writing. This page is just for jotting. And when I need the jotting, I look under NOTES. And there it will be, in all its mistyped glory.

But now I'm wiser. Much wiser.  I can send my jolly little jotting to myself by email. And save the trouble of retyping.

It's as good as finishing a lego kit with a six year-old.  Or making the perfect apple crumble. Or finding that lost earring.  It's sheer unadulterated joy. But before I jump around so much I do myself an injury, I'd like to say -

Hats off to all the clever people who put these phones together. 

And talking of hats ... well, that's the subject of the story that made me look at the little brown arrow. 

And these hats in my local mall would go down 
a storm on a hot day in Japan.

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