Monday, 28 October 2013

School visit with Purple Paw Prints

Yesterday was full-on for the assistant to the Purple Paw Prints storyteller!

Here is Sarah Mounsey, talented author of Purple Paw Prints and Paw Prints on the Magic Sofa, talking to six year-olds at the Australian International School here in Singapore.
The kids, aged from three to six, lapped up her story with the same energy and enthusiasm as the shaggy dog, Oscar, left purple paw prints all over her stories!
Here she is in the beautifully designed and well stocked library with librarian, Denise Jackson. The day went with a whizz and a bang and a bump-bump-bumpety-bump.  Now listen, you have to clap your hands on your knees as you do that, and I do suggest you buy Paw Prints on the Magic Sofa and follow the text right the way through! 

Alongside listening to Sarah retell her story and packing bags for those who'd bought the books, I was kept on my toes, helping to run the workshop. Pupils were set to devise their own 'Magic Adventure' and then perform it as a storyteller with as much aplomb as Sarah. Well done to all those creative minds, where flying kitchens led characters back to Medieval times (with plenty of fighting!), and ponies flew to Ice Cream Land. 

So, hands up who's had a great Purple Paw Print Day! And who's going again today? Well, Sarah and me, of course.  Check out Sarah's website at 

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