Tuesday, 26 November 2013

A brief get-away

With the printing of Princess Petunia's Dragon imminent, we took a short break away from our tropical home. We wanted a contrast to the daily grind of Singapore, so we chose to stay in the heart of Hanoi which we visited last year, and to take a trip to Halong Bay. 

We were the only ones who stayed for two nights on the boat. On our 'middle' day, we were on our own, looked after royally by a lovely girl. I was in a sketching mood, so I made this one of her, and gave it to her.  Later she led us in kayaks through rock overhangs to quiet places away from the busy bay. And told us so much about her life and family in the fishing village which will soon be requisitioned by the government. 

Thank you and good luck with everything, Tran Hung Gam!
 I'll let the photos and my quick sketches do the talking.

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