Tuesday, 3 December 2013

On the home stretch...

Princess Petunia's Dragon is ready for the 'off'. 

I have been to the printers several times, to discuss paper quality and check proofs. 

Here is David Seow helping me with a final check. I'm indebted to you, Dave! 

Below you can see the six signatures of my book. 'Signatures?' you ask. Yes! But they're not those scribbles you get on prescriptions or cheques. Or thumb prints, or dragon claw-prints either! A signature is a batch of sixteen pages.  Voil√†! 
Taking a break from this technical stuff, 
today my young friends came round to tea 
and decorated Charlotte Micklewright's
lovely pictures of Petunia and dragons. 
Super colouring, Kitty, Eleanor and Alice! 

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