Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Friday at the printers...

I was so eager to see my book, Princess Petunia's Dragon, on the presses that I arrived early and had to sit with a cup of tea and a copy of the paper in the food centre...

But on the dot of 9.15 I went up to the printing floor. And what jolly nice people my printers are! There I was, wandering around, poking my lens into their business as they adjusted the weight of ink (or at least I think that was what they were doing). And they didn't mind in the very least.  

Below is the cutting machine with a horribly efficient blade (not my printed pages yet!)

And then, after a gap of an hour (and another cup of tea - iced this time) I was back to see the first inside page being printed! There's Petunia's head, upside down. Feeling dizzy?

David Seow arrived hot-foot from the wet market to keep me company. His presence was reassuring until he thought he spotted a mistake on the printed page. Ha! Nice try, David! 

I gathered up some rejected pages (used to get the ink just right) which I shall use for presentations.  

But the work didn't stop there.  David had plans. And we went downstairs to work on a one of his projects with a very patient designer.  It's his wonderful story, 'There's Soup on my Fly', which is being staged by The Learning Connection.

That evening was the SCBWI writers' group Christmas dinner - an extremely tasty and enjoyable celebration of a successful year. But more of that later....

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