Saturday, 14 December 2013

BooooOOOOO!! with Emma's Elephant

Ooh! You scared me. 

But no, that's not MY elephant. It's David's Seow's picture book,'Emma's Elephant'.
David presented a brilliant workshop yesterday at the National Library in front of scores of young readers.  

The story of a little girl - Emma - and her invisible elephant friend helping endangered animals is great fun to read aloud. Even if saying the 'Boooooo!' nearly gets my tonsils in a twist. 

David kicked off, bantering with these eager fans who are now on holiday until January.

After I had read the story, David asked some tricky question to find out who had really been listening.

Then to the really fun part - with two wonderfully inventive and energetic teachers, Susanna Goho Quek and Karen Quek, the children set to designing their own elephant masks. No one could resist trying their hand.

Here's one from an older reader -

then a younger reader, with help from Mum.

and from Susanna.

And of course there were prizes for the best masks, judged by David, Karen, and Susanna.

Another sample of the children's original artwork:

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